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AMS Edition

Clear and Smoked Side Repeater’s

Clear and Smoked Side Repeater’s

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The AMS Edition Clear and Smoked Side Repeaters are replacement components for your vehicle's side indicator lights. They are designed to provide a sleek, upgraded look to your vehicle while ensuring clear signal visibility for improved safety. These side repeaters are often used by car enthusiasts to customize and enhance their vehicle's appearance.

Features of the AMS Edition Clear and Smoked Side Repeaters:

Enhanced Aesthetics: Upgrading your vehicle's standard side repeaters to the AMS Edition clear or smoked versions can add a modern, distinctive look to your vehicle.

Clear Signal Visibility: These side repeaters ensure clear signal visibility to other motorists, improving road safety by effectively signaling your intentions.

Quality Materials: Manufactured from tough, durable plastics such as polycarbonate or acrylic, these side repeaters are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of daily use.

Easy Installation: Typically, the clear and smoked side repeaters are direct replacement units, engineered for easy installation.

Installation Tips:

Before starting the side repeater replacement, ensure you have the right tools, especially if the task requires removing the side mirror or the fender. Always follow the manufacturer-provided instructions, but generally, the process involves steps similar to the following:

Remove the old side repeater: The original side repeater's removal process may vary depending on the vehicle model. Generally, you'll need to gently push the unit toward the front or back, then carefully pry it out without damaging the bodywork.

Disconnect the wiring: After removing the unit, disconnect the repeater bulb from the wiring harness. Keep the bulb and wiring harness safe.

Connect the AMS edition repeater: Connect the new AMS Edition side repeater to the wiring harness; the connections are typically plug-and-play.

Install the new repeater: Carefully fit the new side repeater into the cavity on the side of your vehicle. Make sure it's snug and secure.

Not only can the AMS Edition Clear and Smoked Side Repeaters offer a customized, sleek look to your vehicle, but they can also maintain or enhance your vehicle's signal visibility, contributing to safer driving on the road
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